If you're not In the Zone    Where are you?

Clinical & Sport Psychologist, Dr. Ray Mulry, combines his deep and practical knowledge of the inner dynamics of athletic and mental proficiency, with his wide experience and skill as a teacher, therapist and personal coach, featuring his 4 Core Competencies of self-mastery: Relaxation, Balance, Flexibility & Focus.

What World Champion Gymnast & Author of The Inner Athlete, Dan Millman says about In The Zone:

" A refreshingly lucid and engaging prescription for a 'happy body' which, as the author shows, is a solid foundation for a  peaceful mind, open emotions and a fulfilling life. 
     Of the many books on body-mind health, this one reflects unusual attunement with the needs of the reader and with fundamental keys to well-being. I predict well-deserved good fortune for the book, the author, and for the many readers who will benefit from Mulry's practical wisdom."